Tuesday, December 25, 2007

it was a very Merry Christmas!

It was a wonderful day!
May be the best Christmas so far in our family.
It is so big joy to see a face of the little one who happy with her bunch of gifts!:) We unwrapped our gifts, my husband has cooked, we have been playing board games for 3+ age (big fun! beleive me :), we have been watching Nutcracker and we felt this is just a right way to spend Christmas today. What can I wish better?

And I have been playing with editing photograph tools.

This ball made of my Santa's cookie picture. You can also do it yourself here. Have fun!

Now Christmas is almost is over, but Chocolate Frosty is not!:)


DIANA said...

ia am very glad to know you!i am from Italy and thank you for visiting me on Flickr!!yes i think a good christmas you had!!just like mine!!

CutieGoodie said...

Hi, Diana!:)
Nice to meet you! Thank you for visithing me, too!
You take so beautiful pictures!