Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am curious

You know when I make my little things I always think where they will live?
Sometimes I know they were purchased for, but more than often I do not. I know that they live on the toys tummies, they have used as card toppers, they bring cutiness to scrapbook pages, and they become hair clips. But I am very interested to look at these!
May I ask to do me a favor:please,send me a picture of your project where has been used CutieGoodie and I will be more than happy to show it here, giving you all prompt credit.
Or maybe you are curiuos,too? Do I use ornaments made by myself? and where?

Oh, yes! I use them making greeting cards and tags.

And I always happy to share them with my friends at the card making party:))

Couple days ago I made some Christmas and Happy New Year greeting cards.
Now they are flying to my family and friends across the ocean bringing to them all my love and my best wishes.

And I need to make more! But I need to make them fast...really fast!!! So happy crafting to me and everyone, who loves to make holiday cards by their own hands!
See you later!

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