Tuesday, December 25, 2007

it was a very Merry Christmas!

It was a wonderful day!
May be the best Christmas so far in our family.
It is so big joy to see a face of the little one who happy with her bunch of gifts!:) We unwrapped our gifts, my husband has cooked, we have been playing board games for 3+ age (big fun! beleive me :), we have been watching Nutcracker and we felt this is just a right way to spend Christmas today. What can I wish better?

And I have been playing with editing photograph tools.

This ball made of my Santa's cookie picture. You can also do it yourself here. Have fun!

Now Christmas is almost is over, but Chocolate Frosty is not!:)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

So, it looks like Christmas is knocking on our door.
And we are ready! Let's check it out!
Lights on our Christmas tree is on, are bringing to our house warm and misterious atmosphere.

Almost all gifts are wrapped (just I know my husband is going to bring even more this afternoon :) )

Ham covered with cherry glaze and baking in oven.
Lil' fancy stocking that I made for my dautghter just finished this morning (few, Mom! you can relax now) is hanging up on her small pink tree. And she loves it!..or may be she loves it because of there is some chocolate inside?

And we have a secret in our closet. Santa hide it there for while.

Here we go! This is sugar cookie for him!

Santa Baby, Just slip this gifty under the tree…

for me… I’ve been an awful good girl…


Merry Christmas you and your family!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

a lucky day :)

Today is December,13, I have been featured on Sew,Mama,sew blog. How cool is that? and probably 13th is not too bad number after all:)
So many nice comments about my lil' felt hearts! Thank you!

And many people said these hearts just must be done for the Valentine day!
Hearts...love...made with love...made by me for you!

with love, Tanya

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am curious

You know when I make my little things I always think where they will live?
Sometimes I know they were purchased for, but more than often I do not. I know that they live on the toys tummies, they have used as card toppers, they bring cutiness to scrapbook pages, and they become hair clips. But I am very interested to look at these!
May I ask to do me a favor:please,send me a picture of your project where has been used CutieGoodie and I will be more than happy to show it here, giving you all prompt credit.
Or maybe you are curiuos,too? Do I use ornaments made by myself? and where?

Oh, yes! I use them making greeting cards and tags.

And I always happy to share them with my friends at the card making party:))

Couple days ago I made some Christmas and Happy New Year greeting cards.
Now they are flying to my family and friends across the ocean bringing to them all my love and my best wishes.

And I need to make more! But I need to make them fast...really fast!!! So happy crafting to me and everyone, who loves to make holiday cards by their own hands!
See you later!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Contest and its winner!

I have a good news today for somebody!:)
In middle of November I took participation in contest announced by Karlita. She gave away beautiful felted scarf.
I thought... Hm...I have couple beautiful things, too.
They are made from felt. And I can give them away.

So, I have placed contest announcement in my Etsy shop.

~SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT~CONTEST~!It seems as everyone is playing on their blogs and shops and sites:)I've got inspired today when i didn't win Karlita's scarf! But it's ok :) Because I love to give away, as well as to get. Here is the thing. The next 10 customers who make a purchase(s) at CUTIE COODIE ~any amount~ deemed participants in the CONTEST.The contest starts on NOVEMBER, 14th.The winner will be determined randomly by my 2 year old daughter. Believe me we can trust her:)Prize is Delightful Poppy brooch/pin, Large Birthday cupcake and set of 4 small birthday cupcakes #01 currently featured in my shop.I pay shipping.Other 9 buyers will get 25% off on their next purchase!Good luck!

My daughter was really helpful. She pick up piece of paper with a winner name on it. And winner is....ta-da!.. SCRAPPYSUSAN!

Congratulations! Enjoy!

As I promise everyone who participate in this contest gets 25 %off on their next purchase at CutieGoodie. If you would like, of course! :) See you there!

Let's get started!

Hello and welcome!
My name is Tanya. I am Belorussian (Eastern Europe) girl, who currently living in USA. I am a teacher of Russian language in my past. And after I moved here I find out that my profession is not top wanted. Or better to say none wanted!!! I have missed my students and my job so bad.
But time was going and I got busy! aweful busy! because my precious baby girl was born. She has kept me going and going and going...oh same as pink rabbit from Energizer keeps going. You know...
Well, after her 1st birtday gone I decided to fill a whole in my social activities and started to do something to express myself and to be useful again.I learned how to sew when i was a child, making clothes for my dolls and for myself and making cross stitching gifts for my family and friends. By the way, I love cross-stitching!!!

And i so glad now that i took a course in sewing professionally and got my certificate in my young years. (Well, I am not very old actually. I am 34)
I still learn English.Please, fogive me couple imperfections in my post now (and probably in future, too).I hope there is not a huge pile of them:)
See you soon!