Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

So, it looks like Christmas is knocking on our door.
And we are ready! Let's check it out!
Lights on our Christmas tree is on, are bringing to our house warm and misterious atmosphere.

Almost all gifts are wrapped (just I know my husband is going to bring even more this afternoon :) )

Ham covered with cherry glaze and baking in oven.
Lil' fancy stocking that I made for my dautghter just finished this morning (few, Mom! you can relax now) is hanging up on her small pink tree. And she loves it!..or may be she loves it because of there is some chocolate inside?

And we have a secret in our closet. Santa hide it there for while.

Here we go! This is sugar cookie for him!

Santa Baby, Just slip this gifty under the tree…

for me… I’ve been an awful good girl…


Merry Christmas you and your family!


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

What pretty the red and crisp white. I especially love the stocking!

Happy New Year!


CutieGoodie said...

Thank you, LaurieAnna!the stocking is my favorite so far, too:)
Nice to meet you:)