Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's get started!

Hello and welcome!
My name is Tanya. I am Belorussian (Eastern Europe) girl, who currently living in USA. I am a teacher of Russian language in my past. And after I moved here I find out that my profession is not top wanted. Or better to say none wanted!!! I have missed my students and my job so bad.
But time was going and I got busy! aweful busy! because my precious baby girl was born. She has kept me going and going and going...oh same as pink rabbit from Energizer keeps going. You know...
Well, after her 1st birtday gone I decided to fill a whole in my social activities and started to do something to express myself and to be useful again.I learned how to sew when i was a child, making clothes for my dolls and for myself and making cross stitching gifts for my family and friends. By the way, I love cross-stitching!!!

And i so glad now that i took a course in sewing professionally and got my certificate in my young years. (Well, I am not very old actually. I am 34)
I still learn English.Please, fogive me couple imperfections in my post now (and probably in future, too).I hope there is not a huge pile of them:)
See you soon!

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